In the past, most BBQ owners had to take their empty propane cylinders to a retail site where an attendant would fill the cylinder and give it back to the customer. Over the past several years, however, more and more… Continue reading

The Ontario Ministry of Labour now has a new training standard for workers who work at heights. This new standard requires construction workers and employers to follow specific guidelines when workers are at risk of falling while working… Continue reading

Question 1 — I understand that WHMIS training has to be done for workers every year. Is this true?

Whenever an employee is exposed to Hazardous Materials in the Workplace they need to be trained.  If new materials are… Continue reading

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Question 1 — Our company carries a few propane or other compressed gas cylinders in our trucks. What exemptions are available in the TDG regulations so that we do not have to have training, certificates and… Continue reading


With Transport Canada’s recent interpretation change with respect to filling propane cylinders, FSN has developed a Propane Filler Checklist to assist them with understanding this change. Below we have outlined the requirements for filling cylinders, transporting them… Continue reading