Cylinder Exchange Basics for Retailers

In the past, most BBQ owners had to take their empty propane cylinders to a retail site where an attendant would fill the cylinder and give it back to the customer. Over the past several years, however, more and more retail sites have closed up their dispensers and gone to a cylinder exchange program where the customer simply exchanges their empty cylinder for a full one.

There has always been a requirement under the propane regulations for the attendant at a propane dispenser to be trained before he/she could fill a cylinder. There is not a similar requirement for the attendant who exchanges cylinders for customers. As such the Canadian Propane Association has developed an information bulletin for those working at retail exchange sites. It provides some basic information on propane, cage placement, what to do in case of a leak and propane first aid. If you are working at an exchange facility, it is recommended that you review the bulletin.