Propane Facts


Question 1 — There are numerous Records of Training (ROT’s) required by TSSA. Where would I find a listing of them?

All ROT’s & licenses required by TSSA in Ontario are set out under the TSSA Act in Regulation 215/01, Fuel Industry Certificates.

Question 2 — How long are Ontario Propane Records of Training (ROT’s) valid?

All propane Records of Training are valid for 3 years. Reg 215/01 Sec. 54

Question 3 — What are Measurement Canada’s Legal Requirements for Filling Propane Cylinders?

Please click the following link: Measurement Canada Bulletin C-03 rev.4

Question 4 — I have been told that the Record of Training for Propane Cylinder Exchange is no longer required.

The requirement for a Record of Training by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) was suspended in April of 2001 as it was determined that the Department of Labour’s B335-04 standard met the intent of the requirements by TSSA.  Click on the following link to view the letter.  TSSA Bulletin PR01/1 Rev.1

Question 5 – How old do you have to be to dispense propane?

Some Provinces state how old you have to be to dispense propane. Others don’t. New Brunswick requires a person to be 18 years old, Nova Scotia requires one to be 16 years old. In the other provinces the Canadian Propane recommends that you are 16 year old. 

Question 6 – How long do permanent PTI certificates take to arrive?

Certificates can take 8-10 weeks from the course date to arrive.