TDG Facts

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Question 1 — Our company carries a few propane or other compressed gas cylinders in our trucks. What exemptions are available in the TDG regulations so that we do not have to have training, certificates and documentation when transporting them?

The following link will allow you to review the details of the exemptions.

Section 1.32.3 (Gases in Small Means of Containment Exemption) This exemption allows for carrying specific gases and allows you to carry up to 5 cylinders in a small means of containment up to a total of 500 kg. The labels on the cylinders must be visible from the outside of the vehicle (ie. an open vehicle) and based on section 5.6.4 of the B149.02-10, they must be ventilated to the outdoors.  

Section 1.15 (150 Kg Gross Mass Exemption) – This exemption applies to many products including some compressed gases. It allows for carrying up to 150 kgs of the dangerous goods (including the weight of the container) as long as each means of containment is less than 30 kg (or 47 litre capacity for flammable gases (2.1). These too must be ventilated to the outside per section 5.6.4 of the B 149.02-10.