Question 1 — I understand that WHMIS training has to be done for workers every year. Is this true?

Whenever an employee is exposed to Hazardous Materials in the Workplace they need to be trained.  If new materials are added, updated information must be supplied about the material.  The Occupational Health & Safety Act states in Section 42(3) that “An employer shall review, in consultation with the committer or health & safety representative, if any, for the workplace, the training & instruction provided to a worker & the worker’s familiarity therewith at least annually.”  Section 42(4) states “The review described in subsection (3) shall be held more frequently than annually if, a) the employer, on the advice of the committee or health & safety repetitive, if any, for the workplace, determines that such review are necessary; or b there is a change in circumstances that may affect the health & safety of a worker”